Monday, April 22, 2019

Windows 10 Activate Free 100% working

Windows 10 Activate Free 100% working

Windows 10 Activate Free - "windows 10 activation keys free" If your computer is showing "windows is not activated windows 10 pro" and you are not activating windows 10 then you can read this post full. Within this you will be given "activate windows 10 key free" and it will also be told to do it.

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Friends, if you use windows 10, you will know that when the Windows Nope of our PC or Laptop is activated, then there is a Sign ( Windows is Not Activated ) option in the bottom right. Which does not look good.


Today, we have created this article only to end this suspicion. This information is for users who do it with Windows 10. This trick will not work on any other Windows.

Windows 10 Activate Free 100% working
Windows 10 Activate Free 100% working

So let's see friends first of all you see below we have given a "windows 10 activation keys free". You saved it in your notepad by copying it. Read More:- wordpress to blogger converter Latest Trick For Blogger

Setup 1 - Right click on my computer or LAPTOP MY computer and right-click on the property. Now let's go a bit lower and see if there will be a Windows Activation option. Now if you have written it or not, then it is very important for you.

Setup 2 - You have to save the "windows 10 activation keys" in Notepad, save it and save it under the text documents on your computer's desktop, named as windows10.cmd.

When you save it, a file like a command will be created on your desktop. Read More:- Top 200+ High DA DoFollow Backlinks List 2019

Setup 3 - Now you can right-click on that file and hit on Run as Administrator. Then your command will open. Now you have to wait a few seconds.

Now you see below which side of the popup "windows is not activated" will be hacked and your website will be activate. Read More:- 350+ Domain Delete List High DA PA Only 149Rs

Now you can also right-click on My Computer right inside your PC and check it by placing it on property.


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